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Natural Breast Enhancement Product Reviews For 2012

Enhance Your Breast Naturally

Before choosing your method of breast enlargement, let us help. Our research makes it's easy for you to choose which product or program is best for you. Heck we've practically done all your homework for you.

Many women have tried costly ( Costs up tp $2,500 - $3,000) , dangerous, unnatural procedures and treatments (silicone injections) to enhance their breasts, often not getting their desired results, exposing themselves to potentially dangerous consequences.

It's been widely reported on television, radio, in newspapers and on the internet that non surgical breast enlargement is the method of choice for ten's of thousands of women worldwide. Breast enhancement pills, cream, gum, and patches have been proven to be safe, permanent and natural alternatives to surgery. Our mission is to help make your boob job selection process easy. Please read our reviews and visit the manufactures websites. You'll be glad you did.

Perfect Woman
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Breast Actives
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Breast Actives Breast Success Zoft
Formulated For women women women
Contains capsules and cream capsules gum
Exercises yes no no
Success Rate above average above average above average
Expected Growth 3 cup sizes 3 cup sizes 2 cup sizes
Prescription no no no
Side Effects none none none
Support excellent very good good
Reputation excellent very good good
Guarantee 90 days 100 days 100 days
Single Price $59.95 $49.95 $59.95
Quantity Price (each) $39.99 $33.49 $39.99

Breast Enlargement Product Review Summary

  Breast Actives Breast Success Zoft
Customer Satisfaction excellent very good good
Rating 5 stars 4 1/2 stars 4 stars
Overall Score 98 95 92

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Breast Actives

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Breast Success

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Zoft Breast Gum

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Facts Concerning Surgical Breast Enlargement
That You Should Know...

The Dangers of Breast Implants!

More than 190,000 problems from breast implants have been officially reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to a new consumer booklet published by the FDA. The reports included 123 deaths Silicone gel implants were banned in 1992. Today saline implants are the method of choice, never the less researchers are finding some health dangers with them, too.

  • 60% of women having saline implants experience some complications within 4 years

  • 8% of women with implants removed them within 3 years

  • 3% of implants become deflated due to leakage within 3 years

Additional risks from surgical breast implant include:

  • shifting of the implant from its original position

  • breasts hardening and numbness of sensation the nipple

  • May cause false mammography readings, marketing it difficult to detect cancer

Natural organic breast enhancement fat transfer is becoming more common even though there is no evidence that fat transfer to the breast is less safe than any breast surgery. Collagen breast enhancement injections became popular in 1998.

Comprehensive reports leaves no stone unturned

Natural Breast Enhancement
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Breast Growth

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Breast Enhancement Facts

Question's You May Have

Which breast enhancement techniques are most effective?

Are you searching the market for proven, cheap, and fast breast enlargement creams, exercise programs, gum, lotions, patch, pills, vitamins, and tablet form that are safe and effective?

What is the cost of cosmetic breast surgery compared to natural methods and is financing available?

Of course your looking for results, you'll want to purchase the best breast cream or pills that work.

What are your best options for female breast enlargement without pills?

Which breast enhancement pills work?

Are home remedies available?

Are you seeking some kind of truth about surgery free at home breast enhancement solutions?

Do you want to compare prices for natural breast enhancement capsules and gel before you purchase?


Fastest working ingredients is unique! We're a Breast Enhancement (Enlargement) Product comparison reviews site. Here you'll have access to the new breast enhancement technology that produces the top all natural supplements: all natural herbal products available without prescription. You take no risks.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor before you begin taking a natural product, starting an exercise program or system, using inserts, forms, tools. or machine  Ask yourself if the cost of the products, surgical procedure or equipment can help you achieve your goals.

Make sure products are manufactured in FDA approved conditions

Safe Easy Ways for Women's Breast Augmentation Procedures

The most common traditional and un-traditional methods of breast augmentation are:

  • Breast Forms
  • inserts
  • Injection
  • Implants
  • Laser
  • Serum
  • Stem Cell
  • Shots
  • Simulator
  • Bras
  • Pads
  • Hormone Supplements
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Creams
  • patch
  • tablets
  • Lotions
  • Hypnosis
  • Massage and Exercise machines
  • Pumps
  • Surgery/ implants
  • with body fat
  • Homeopathic Medicine for breast enhancement
  • at home breast enhancement cream, exercises, food, and remedies

and Acupuncture Breast Enlargement . This method offers a holistic alternative to Surgery. Plus you can choose cleavage type for obtaining your desired natural look

Note: Collagen, or other inject able material is not recommended for breast augmentation. Collagen has many adverse effects.

There is no evidence that fat transfer to the breast is less safe than any breast surgery.

You'll need to allow recovery time for all surgical procedures

 fast and safe Breast enhancement products

  • Breast pills is cheap alterative for implants
  • Over the counter affordable breast enhancement device and food in stores

  • Breast enhancement products stimulates the pituitary gland, the body's major hormone regulator, to reactivate your body's natural growth hormones

  • Breast enhancement shots, drugs, or natural supplements

all natural formula


Effective Ingredients to Look For

Formula Options

Herbal Ingredient for breast enhancement, herbs, hops, sesame oil, wild yam

  • hops is fast becoming a common ingredient in natural breast enhancement formulations.

There are many brand name breast pill manufacturers have picked fenugreek as the
main ingredient in their product.

Cities That have Boob Job options

  • California - Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco
  • New York : New York City
  • New Jersey
  • Las Vegas
  • Boston
  • Kansas City
  • Chicago
  • Florida - Miami
  • Texas -:Houston, San Antonio
  • Seattle
  • Maryland
  • Colorado -:Denver
  • Michigan
  • Utah -:Salt Lake City

Breast Enlargement Aboard

Japanese and Chinese have options natural breast enhancement. There are several Chinese beauty shops offering breast beautification and enlargement services such as breast stimulator machines Asian breast enhancement specialists offer all nature creams to enhance bust size. 

Can you use birth control to increase breast size?

Using birth control to increase breast size depends upon the woman and birth control pill type. The hormones estrogen and progestin are found in birth control pills and they usually lead to the stimulation of growth in your breasts. The estrogen and progesterone in birth control pills could advance breast tissue growth and or fluid retention, making your breasts fuller and larger.

Are There Any Foods That Enlarge Breasts?

Bust enlargement tips

Is there any food you can eat that can alter your breast size without making you gain weight?

Eating certain foods alone will not guarantee you any bust enlargement, it may really help you getting faster results if you use any other methods, like creams and pills. This is because some food contains a good amount of phyto-estrogens   chemicals that are close to your own estrogen hormone.

Estrogen is responsible for your feminine curves, a slight increase of this hormone in your body can help you to achieve fuller breasts.

Foods most known for their high estrogen content are soybeans, wheat, barley and rye (gluten grains), as well as dairy products.

Another important tip is eating food that is high in bromine and manganese. These two chemicals are needed because they stimulate the production of our own sex hormones in the body. They also increase the sensitivity of receptors in the breast tissues, making them more receptive to estrogen.

Bromine can be found in many fruits and nuts like apples, pears, grapes, almonds, and walnuts.

Manganese is contained in seafood like prawns and mussels, and also in wholegrain rice, corn and spices (i.e. ginger, cloves). You can get these chemicals in a good amount by trying out

Celebrities looking for breast enhancement

  • Patricia Heaton
  • Jennifer Love Hewit
  • Marisa Miller